Repatriation of deceased

As one of the first funeral companies to offer services to a wide variety of Melbourne’s ethnic groups, Raven’s has an extensive history of repatriating the deceased to a wide range of places. Apart from the standard European and Asian destinations ranging from Ireland and parts of the Balkans, through Sri Lanka and Thailand, we have also coped with difficult repatriations to Africa and South America.

One of our very hardest repatriations was to Cuba, which has no air traffic rights through the United States, and no diplomatic representation in Australia. We flew a Cuban consular official from Japan to inspect the preparations, and then sourced the repatriation flights through Manila in the Phillipines and Madrid in Spain before finally heading to Cuba.

If you would like to discuss the methods and costs of repatriating a deceased person, contact us on 9489 8711 for a no obligation quotation.