Lonergan & Raven - servicing all suburbs in Melbourne.  

One dedicated consultant supports you through the whole process.  We come to you.

Full service all inclusive packages from $5,500. Finance packages available.

We make regular use of dozens of private chapel and venues all over Melbourne.

W.G.Raven’s Funeral Service is the oldest independent Australian funeral company in Melbourne, and the last of the old family company's to maintain chapels in the inner suburbs

A Member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), Lonergan & Raven is nationally recognised for it's commitment to high quality and ethical practices.

So you can be certain that when you deal with the staff at Lonergan & Raven’s, you will receive a very traditional commitment to provide the highest levels of personal service.                          


Our Approach


The funeral was beautiful and a real tribute to my mother. Your kind and friendly manner made the process much easier. Thanks once again.

Jessica Bruzzaniti

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